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Request a cash offer for your apartment building listing or off market property

ALL CASH offers without a mortgage contingency

We will give you an all cash offer for your property without requiring a mortgage as a condition for closing. As an added advantage, you can choose your own title and escrow companies and close in as little as two weeks. 

A problem-solver as well as a buyer

We’ve been on your side of the fence so if you have an obstacle to selling, we can help solve it: problem tenants, property defects, upcoming seismic retrofit, improperly permitted work, and more. 

Specialists in multi-tenant buildings

We are professional landlords, not brokers. Our goal is to increase the investments we already own in L.A. by buying and holding occupied or vacant properties. We frequently pay a higher price than flippers who hold back cash so they can renovate and sell quickly. 

Lightning-fast, efficient process

Unlike institutional buyers, our privately funded, family-owned business does not answer to a committee of investors. We move quickly and decisively and deal seamlessly with complications they cannot. 

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